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Retirement Planning


Should we be doing anything with my 401k’s since the stock market is volatile and we don’t want to lose money and not be able to retire?

Where will our income come from? And will we have enough money to live comfortably?

Is there a chance we run out of money if we live a long life?

When should we activate social security?

What about my life insurance I have through my job?



Optimized existing retirement investments given the purpose of the money has changed from growth to income.

Created a living balance sheet, cash flow report, and lifestyle expense analysis.

We identified existing and future income sources such as Social Security, Passive/Rental Income, and all estimated Income from Investments.

Developed a tax-controlled income plan using a deferred annuity which will provide predictable and guaranteed income for the rest of their lives regardless of stock market ups and downs.

Worked with our legal resources to update wills, beneficiaries, and health directives.

Secure a legacy by buying life insurance since the policy through the employer is going to expire with your termination date (or cost prohibitive to continue).



Provided the peace of mind needed to know its “okay” to retire now and they have enough money to live comfortably in the future.

They gained clarity on where their money is going to come from now that the pay checks stop.

They understand the options regarding social security and the optimal time to start benefits.

Understanding they have a plan to cover all lifestyle expenses using our guaranteed income plan provides tremendous comfort around knowing they will not run out of money before they run out of air.

They got a permission slip to spend their money freely knowing that even if they use all their money the kids will still receive a nice tax free legacy through life insurance.

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